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5 Most Affordable Places To Retire In America

    5 most affordable places to retire in america

    1. Traverse City, MI

    From June to late October, Traverse City enjoys near-perfect weather, making it an ideal place to retire if you enjoy an active lifestyle. E-bikes are ubiquitous. Boating, swimming, and pickleball are immensely popular. Locals frequently partake in wine sampling, sand dune exploration, and paddleboarding on a variety of lakes.

    There are numerous welcoming senior facilities in the area, some of which are located directly on the water and offer free tennis and shuffleboard as well as $5 exercise classes ranging from cardio drumming to Zumba to beach yoga.

    During the winter months, both temperatures and the permanent population decline.

    Bart Ford, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors, says that a million people would reside in Traverse City if the temperature was always 80 degrees. “We have a large population of snowbirds who migrate south when the weather is bad and return during the months when the climate is pleasant.”

    2. Portland, ME

    This thriving port city has a lot going for it, including stunning waterfront views and thriving restaurants, bars, and cultural communities. As a result, a large number of second-home owners and retirees have been purchasing residences and condominiums throughout the city.

    Although Portland is a lively and relatively inexpensive place to reside, winter temperatures can drop below zero, the state has an income tax, and city property taxes are relatively high. However, these increased costs are accompanied by increased services, such as snow removal and road maintenance.

    And, similar to other cold-weather retirement destinations (ahem, Traverse City), many retirees in this historic city migrate south during the winter months.

    The population increases during the summer, according to Jeremy Lock, a broker with Portside Real Estate Group. Florida is a major source of visitors to this area.

    This three-bedroom Cape Cod is available for $395,000 in Portland’s desirable Thompson’s Point neighborhood. The asking price for this one-bedroom condo with a universal design, water views, concierge services, a “shared association Tesla” (! ), and a patio with views of Casco Bay is $579,900.

    3. Salisbury, MD

    The bucolic Eastern Shore of Maryland, located on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wight Bay, is where urbanites from Baltimore and Washington, D.C., go to unwind when the swamp begins to heat up. The region is filled with historic villages, breathtaking natural scenery, iconic crab shacks, and, of course, gorgeous beaches that attract boaters, anglers, swimmers, and sunbathers.

    U.S. News & World Report ranks the Salisbury metropolitan area sixteenth among the “fastest-growing places” due to the aforementioned amenities. The metropolitan area also rated in the publication’s top 50 “best places to retire.” The area’s modest cost of living was a factor in the rankings.

    Buyers can find single-story homes with excellent bones beginning in the mid-$100,000s, such as this $145,000 four-bedroom ranch that requires some TLC. Those willing to spend more can find completely renovated properties such as this well-designed three-bedroom house for $282,000.

    4. Myrtle Beach, SC

    Young families and their elders have flocked to Myrtle Beach in large numbers over the past two decades. The coastal city with a 60-mile-long beach has been one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States for multiple years in a succession. There is abundant sunshine, an abundance of golf courses, and home prices are still affordable.
    “The more visitors that come here, the more they realize that it’s not a sleepy beach town,” says Radha Herring, the broker-owner of Watermark Real Estate Group. Some of these visitors return to Myrtle Beach to retire because they have fond memories of the city.

    “Myrtle Beach is a fairly large metropolitan area with a great deal of infrastructure; it’s a very livable beach,” says Herring.

    Although prices have increased substantially over the past few years, it is still significantly less expensive than many comparable vacation destinations. This three-bedroom, one-story home for $299,900 on a quarter-acre is a prime example of the bargains that can be found on single-story properties.

    5. Bloomington, IL

    Illinois has notoriously high property taxes and a fixed income tax of 4.95 percent. However, Illinois is the only Midwestern state that does not tax 401(k), IRA, and pension income, which is a benefit for retirees living off their savings.

    And while property taxes in Bloomington may be higher than, say, Wisconsin, the city’s incredibly affordable housing prices more than compensate for this. But individuals are not moving here simply because it is relatively inexpensive.

    The two-hour drive south of Chicago will take you to a safe, mid-sized city with loads of green spaces, including the lovely multiuse Constitution Trail, which is popular among walkers, runners, and cyclists. There are numerous golf courses dispersed throughout the area for those who wish to spend their golden years wielding golf clubs. In addition, there are a number of free senior centers in the area where seniors can socialize, exercise, and engage in outdoor activities with their peers.

    This three-bedroom home with a charming front veranda is available for $165,000 in the South Hill neighborhood. This three-bedroom ranch is available in the Oakwoods subdivision for an additional $20,000,000.

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