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Best 10 Locations for Retiring on a Budget

    Best 10 Locations for Retiring on a Budget

    1. Philadelphia Area – Pennsylvania

    Our top 20 also includes several other historic East Coast cities, not only Baltimore. While Philadelphia and its suburbs may not be the first destination that springs to mind when you think of retirement, there are really quite a few retirees and 55+ communities in the area.

    There are more than a hundred 55+ and active adult communities in the greater Philadelphia region alone, and that doesn’t even include the dozens of similar communities in neighboring New Jersey and Delaware. Philadelphia’s high ranking may be attributed to a number of factors, including a low unemployment rate, a low cost of living (even lower than several Florida cities), a low state tax burden, a high transit score, and a high walk score. Retirees in Philadelphia can also find many volunteer and community involvement opportunities.

    2. Wilmington Area – Delaware

    Due in great part to Wilmington’s efforts, New Castle County ranked eighth on our 2019 iteration of this list. Delaware is a perennial top-20 finisher because of its popularity as a retirement destination and its relatively low cost of living.

    Since Delaware has no sales tax, it’s no surprise that the city of Wilmington fares well in this category. Low pricing, high walk scores, and easy access to public transportation are also desirable.

    3. Tucson Area – Arizona

    It’s hardly surprising that Arizona has a city at the 13th spot on the list, given the state’s reputation as the second-most popular destination for retirees. Tucson, in southern Arizona, fits the bill here.

    The city is home to 17 55+ active lifestyle communities and is well-known for its public art, festivals, and innovation. The neighborhood also scored highly because of its mild winters, inexpensive property taxes, and abundant sunshine.

    4. Houston Area – Texas

    San Antonio, the state capital, is one of the most retiree-friendly places in all of Texas. The Houston metropolitan region has several attractive features, including numerous thriving suburbs, exclusive 55+ communities, and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Galveston, Sugar Land, Pearland, League City, and Fulshear are just few of the highly rated Houston suburbs. They did exceptionally well in all tax categories, despite having a somewhat high cost of living and housing prices.

    5. San Antonio Area – Texas

    San Antonio’s inclusion on the list will likely come as no surprise. The city in the Texas Hill Country is rich with history, delicious cuisine, and a picturesque riverwalk. One of the most popular areas for retirees in Texas, despite its bustling culture and low living costs.

    San Antonio has a cheap cost of living in part because there is no state income tax in Texas, which means low housing prices and a less tax bite. The walkability index is high, and there are many community service options nearby.

    6. Harlingen Area – Texas

    Harlingen, Texas, is the final stop on a massive haul for Texas towns. Like the rest of South Texas, Harlingen has a cheap cost of living, very low house prices, and a tax structure that is favorable to seniors.

    You may find peace and quiet in nature at Hugh Ramsey Nature Park and the World Birding Center. Coastal attractions like beaches, fishing, and boating are easily accessible from the city.

    Restaurants and antique stores line Jackson Street, making it a popular destination. Every first Saturday of the month, local artists, musicians, and chefs gather for Jackson Street Market Days.

    7. Phoenix Area – Arizona

    Phoenix, often considered to be Arizona’s retirement mecca, is seventeenth on the list. The Phoenix metropolitan region has a lot to offer seniors, including a low cost of living and dozens of suburbs, and nearly 80 municipalities.

    8. Florissant, Missouri

    Florissant, Missouri is the 13th biggest city in Missouri and is a part of the greater St. Louis area. The city’s cheap cost of living (only bested by Harlingen) was a major factor in its high ranking. The cost of living, tax burden, and availability of volunteer activities also garnered high reviews.

    9. Charlotte Area – North Carolina

    Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, makes an appearance at No. 19. As a major metropolitan center, Charlotte has excellent opportunities for both urban leisure and outdoor adventure.

    Charlotte not only boasts a wide variety of 55+ communities, but it also has a low cost of living and a high number of people willing to participate in the community. South Carolina suburbs in the Charlotte metro area are a good option for anyone looking to avoid North Carolina’s average tax rates.

    10. Yuma Area – Arizona

    Yuma, a city in Arizona on the border with Mexico and home to several recreational opportunities rounds out our top 20. Over 85,000 retirees flock to Yuma each winter to spend the season away from their colder northern climates.

    Gateway Park, Mittry Lake, and the Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden are some of Yuma’s most visited parks and gardens. The Robert J. Moody Demonstration has native flora and local art, and both Gateway Park and Mittry Lake are great places to go fishing.

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