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The 5 Best Retirement Communities in the U.S.

    The 5 Best Retirement Communities in the U.S.

    There are undoubtedly a few items on your to-do list if you are approaching retirement. You may be looking forward to unwinding somewhere warm and sunny, or perhaps you’ll finally begin working on that project you’ve been delaying. Finding a retirement community that offers everything is one way to have the best of both environments. At one of these communities, you will have time to yourself while also having the option to spend time with other senior adults seeking to maintain a sense of community. Depending on your interests and age, there may be retirement communities that flawlessly complement your lifestyle. Discover the top five retirement communities in the United States by reading on.

    1. Mirabella at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona

    Mirabella at Arizona State University (ASU) is the place to be if you’re ready to retire but want to feel youthful eternally. The community is located on ASU’s campus and is part of the University-Based Retirement Communities (UBRC) system, according to Eric Mineart, vice president of marketing communications at Pacific Retirement Services, a national non-profit organization for senior living and healthcare.
    Residents have access to sports competitions and collegiate activities, can enroll in university courses, and have the opportunity to mentor university students.

    2. The Villages, Florida

    Florida is well-known as a retirement destination, but there is one community that stands out. The Villages is located in Central Florida and has a population of 130,000.

    “Among the most well-known retirement communities in the United States, based in Florida, The Villages is age-restricted,” explains William Rivers, the founder and senior editor of Senior Strong. “Its enormous size, accommodating over 60,000 units and a large population, gives the community the feel of a retirement-only town,”

    There is a wide range of amenities and home prices. including both inexpensive and luxurious options. You will have the opportunity to make new acquaintances in the community’s market squares, which are emblematic of its reputation as “America’s Friendliest Hometown.” In addition to dancing and golf carts, demonstrations are organized for every holiday imaginable in The Villages.

    Nonetheless, the 32-square-mile “empire” has been at the center of numerous political debates and has its detractors. If you find that this large community is calling your name, you would benefit from conducting additional research.

    3. Saratoga Retirement Community in Saratoga, California

    On its nearly 40-acre campus are modern single-family cottages and apartment homes, as well as a 1912 mission-style mansion that was restored in 2004 during a major expansion. Saratoga is a life plan community that provides tiers of health care options.

    In addition to providing residents with a fulfilling, worry-free lifestyle, Saratoga Retirement Community provides residents with the peace of mind that their future healthcare requirements will be met through a continuum of care program. It was originally constructed by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs (IOOF), one of the world’s oldest Fraternal Orders with a lengthy history of community service.”

    The community’s website also claims “innumerable cultural and recreational opportunities,” giving you a variety of activities to appreciate in the “perfect Mediterranean climate.”

    4. Colony Cove in Ellenton, Florida

    Colony Cove in Ellenton, Florida, is another community on the list that consists predominantly of manufactured and mobile homes. Colony Cove is located on the Manatee River on Florida’s Gulf Coast, where you can appreciate the sunshine and salty air. A representative of, a database of manufactured homes in U.S. residential communities.

    Residents of this resort-style 55+ community enjoy a private marina, five spacious clubhouses, six heated swimming pools, pickleball and tennis facilities, a community garden, a fitness center, and dog parks, among other amenities. Here, residents participate in over 50 social and athletic organizations, so there is never a lack of activities.
    In June of this year, Colony Cove added a unique amenity to its list: an eco-friendly micro forest and nature trail to combat climate change and enhance the local environment.

    The micro forest, where more than 4,000 trees were established on a 1.5-acre peninsula within the community, is a key component of the community’s eco-friendly initiatives.”

    5. Rogue Valley Manor in Medford, Oregon

    Medford, Oregon is home to the largest continuing-care retirement community on the West Coast. Rogue Valley Manor, named after the original manor structure that opened in 1961, is home to nearly 1,000 residents over the age of 62, according to Mineart of Best Life.

    “Rogue Valley Manor is the epitome of retirement living in Southern Oregon. Its 670-acre landscaped campus includes parks, trails, golf courses, two apartment complexes, a wellness center, a memory care center, and 300 cottages with views of the gorgeous Rogue Valley.”

    Noting that “The Manor Life” is best described as approachable and affluent, you will also have access to a range of cars.

    Residents have more time to appreciate their lives because The Manor’s staff handles home and garden maintenance, transportation, meal planning, and housekeeping. They also have peace of mind knowing that their future requirements, should they alter, will be met.

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