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The Most Popular Places to Live for Retirees

    The Most Popular Places to Live for Retirees

    The doors to Sun City were first opened to the public on January 1, 1960. It was a bit of a risk to move into a community designed specifically for retirees who wanted to live among people who shared their values and interests. Would anyone be interested in buying a house in the abandoned Maricopa County community?

    It was obvious there was interest when opening weekend attendance topped 100,000. And it’s become evident in the years following that the appeal of the active adult lifestyle is still only getting started, as the number of Americans aged 55 and over has grown along with the desire to live the lifestyle promised by that first community.

    1. On Top of the World – Ocala, FL

    There’s a ton lot to do here; boredom is all on you. I have made some of the best friends imaginable, and they are all lovely individuals. When you’re single, it’s a huge relief to know you’re not the only one around.

    We’ve only been here a few months, but we’ve already made some great friends and are having a great time participating in all the different events. The square on a Saturday night, with the music pumping and the line dancers performing. Just driving around on a golf cart is a lot of fun.

    Fantastic location… All the sports I do (softball, wallyball, racquetball, pickleball, and more) keep me quite active. I’ve met some really cool and intriguing people via my involvement in so many sports. I’m so happy I made the move here, and I urge any healthy person to do the same.

    2. Latitude Margaritaville – Daytona Beach, FL

    I have been a Parrothead for a long time and went to see the models around three weeks ago. When I visited from New York, I was so thrilled that I bought a house there on the spot. I’ve already had a blast getting to know my new September neighbors on Facebook. Gorgeous mansions with a reasonable price tag, lovely pool, and spa options. No snow and my taxes are a quarter of what they were in New York. CAPS UP!!

    We were sick of the dull, earth-toned retirement communities filled with golfers and old people who never left. However, we did check out Latitude Margaritaville. Elegant layouts. Cool beach club of the future. This is a fantastic place, complete with its own traditions and celebrations.

    3. Solivita – Kissimmee, FL

    I’ve been a Solivita resident for eight years now. It’s like starting a new vacation every morning. Acquired a large social circle and joined several extracurricular and community organizations. I take lengthy, scenic walks every morning and go to the gym three or four times a week. I enjoy taking leisurely rides on our golf cart around the neighborhood. Solivita is a slice of heaven for me, and I’m so happy that we were able to retire here.

    4. Sun City Hilton Head – Bluffton, SC

    Eight years ago, I uprooted my life and settled here. It’s an ideal location for a home. The temperature, cost of living, proximity to attractions, and other factors all make this a great place for retirees to settle down. You are free to fill your time and energy however you see fit.

    A retirement here would be a dream come true. Extremely affluent neighborhood with balmy weather and stunning shores. Sun City has a ton of great features… Riverbend real estate options include both pre-existing homes and brand-new development. Many of the locals have been quite friendly to us. There is no need to go far to find anything. It’s perfect for us.

    5. The Villages – The Villages, FL

    After 1.5 years at The Villages, I can honestly say that I have found retirement heaven. While the majority of inhabitants (74%) are couples, singles will have more options than anywhere else. It’s a huge place, yet there are so many retirees living there that they have more clubs and programs than anywhere else.

    You can’t retire anywhere else than The Villages. I’ve been a resident for almost two years and couldn’t be happier. There are more than eighty-three pools, forty-eight golf courses, and three town centers with dining, shopping, and free nightly entertainment, and this is all available 365 days a year.

    6. Sun City Texas – Georgetown, TX

    We’ve been in this house for seven years. This place is perfect for us. My husband and I belong to two different card clubs, a religious organization, a bowling league, and a local reading club. Nearly once a month, the neighborhood gets together… We came here in search of a good time, and we have found it.

    Sun City Texas has nearly every quality that I would have listed if asked to describe the perfect home and community for my dream retirement at age 50: it is safe, clean, quiet, beautiful, has great neighbors, plenty to do, a fantastic fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, nice single-story homes, pleasant weather, and is generally “resort-like.” To be able to call this home makes me realize how fortunate I am. Upon completion of my third year, I have absolutely no issues.

    7. Sun City Center – Sun City Center, FL

    We’ve been here for four years and couldn’t be happier. The number of groups hosted by actual educators is unprecedented. You haven’t put in the effort to join one of the 100 clubs if you don’t have any pals. Every single house looks immaculate.

    The areas are really attractive. Sun City Center is a sizable planned community with several golfing options and first-rate services. The locals are really kind and welcoming, making us feel completely at home.

    8. Kings Point – Sun City Center, FL

    It’s perfect for my spouse and I. We’ve been here for a while now, and it’s great. I enjoy showing off my home to guests as much as possible. Everyone is really nice and willing to provide a hand… When my husband gets home from work, he doesn’t have to perform any of the chores that come with house ownership, like mowing the lawn or trimming the bushes. We’re relieved to have found this spot.

    9. Sun City Grand – Surprise, AZ

    You won’t find a better place to retire than this. Swimming pools, gyms, and many clubs and activities are only the beginning of their leisure time. It’s in a fantastic spot, too.

    Originally from Akron, Ohio, my wife and I relocated here in 2013. We think the location is fantastic. Since moving here, my partner and I have met some wonderful people and have enjoyed many of the local attractions. Thanks in large part to the various recreational possibilities offered by the Sun City Grand community and the surrounding region, we are in what is likely the finest physical shape of our life.

    10. Pelican Preserve – Fort Myers, FL

    Even after several visits, I never cease to be impressed by the sheer variety and quality of the offerings at Pelican Preserve. Tennis courts, pickleball courts, bocce courts, a softball field, and a wonderful fitness facility are all part of the sports complex at this beautiful preserve. Water aerobics and stretching are two low-impact activities that provide something for everyone…. You should definitely check out this neighborhood.

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