5 Night-time Snacks to Avoid

Most traditional pizza options offer significant fat and calorie amounts, which may contribute to weight gain if eaten in excess at snack time.

1. Pizza

High-fat diets cause reflux because fat is absorbed slowly, and reflux symptoms are increased by lying down soon after eating.


Smith warns against eating sugary cereal before night since it might boost insulin levels and lead to a sensation of hunger in the morning.

2. High-Sugar Cereals

Choose one where the total quantity of fiber and protein is more than the total amount of sugar.

High-Sugar Cereals

Due to their low nutritional value (no fiber or protein, only oil fat), chips are one of the worst nighttime snacking offenders.

3. Chips

Without added sugars and healthy fiber, they're largely unhealthy refined carbs. Try whole-grain crackers or popcorn as a substitute.


The body craves sugar at night since it is the fastest source of energy, so it makes sense if you haven't been eating well all day.

4. Candy

Candy has little dietary benefit other than the sugar it contains.


Eating spicy meals before bed not only raises the risk of acid reflux and tummy distress during the night, but also raises the heart rate, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

5. Spicy Food

If you like your meal hot, try to eat earlier in the evening so that your stomach has time to settle down before bed.

Spicy Food

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