6 Worst Ways to Lose Weight

1. Fad diets

Fad diets often eliminate entire food groups, leading to imbalanced nutrition. Removing a food group usually removes its primary nutritional group. 

 2. Detoxes and cleanses

Detox and cleanse diets are generally centered on the premise that you must 'clear' your body. Eat well and drink enough water 

3.  Calorie restriction

Extreme calorie restriction is harmful for weight loss. Muscle loss, food shortages, weariness, irritability, and reduced metabolism might ensue.

4. Skipping meals

In addition to strictly reducing calories, missing meals is bad for weight reduction. It's important to nourish your body to maintain energy and perform well.

5. Crash dieting

Avoid crash dieting, which involves eating less calories, to avoid crash and burn. "This can be dangerous for your health, and is not sustainable

6. Completely fat-free

Fats are not always harmful. When eaten in moderation, high-fat meals are beneficial. Healthy fats balance hunger hormones and fill you up. 

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