Best High-protein Lunch Ideas For Weight Loss

Her preferred high-protein supper for weight loss is a lettuce wrap with tuna and white beans.

1. Tuna lettuce wraps

We love them wrapped in bright pink radicchio leaves, but regular lettuce leaves also work.

Tuna lettuce wraps

Beans are an often-overlooked source of plant-based protein.

2. Bean Salad

After cooking, they store well in the refrigerator, and remnants make a delicious chilled salad the following day.

Bean Salad

The combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates is not only filling and delicious.

3. Quinoa bowl

But also beneficial to your overall health.

Quinoa bowl

Greek yogurt parfaits are simple to make on-demand or in advance for a meal on the go, and they're a delectable way to get your daily protein intake.

4. Greek yogurt parfait

Alternate layers of Greek yogurt (two to three teaspoons) and low-fat granola (one-fourth cup).

Greek yogurt parfait

Let's be honest. Sitting down for supper, let alone preparing it, may not be a realistic option on occasion.

5. Protein Shake

However, foregoing lunch is not optimal for blood sugar levels or nutritional needs.

Protein Shake

Foods That Are Virtually Devoid Of Calories