Botched Patient Who Almost Died From A Tummy Tuck Gets Makeover You Won't Believe

On the first episode of Botched's eighth season, a woman named Mikeal told the heartbreaking story of how a botched tummy tuck almost made her look horrible and nearly killed her.

My stomach looks like a disaster," Mikeal said on the show from August 3.

It makes me feel damaged, unattractive, and like I'm not even a woman."

The woman from West Virginia lost weight after her husband died in 2008. She also had some extra skin cut off.

I went in for a simple tummy tuck, and I ended up in the ICU three times," Mikeal said.

At least eight times, I ended up in the operating room. Four times, I really should have died. 

I didn't do it. I'm in a place where I'll never look normal again. It's hard on your mind to think, "I'm alone. If someone sees that, will they ever want me?"

During her appointment with doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, Mikeal told them about the 14-hour surgery that was a nightmare and changed the rest of her life.

Terry thinks that Mikeal probably had an illness after surgery and skin-eating disease, which is often fatal.

Terry was shocked by how much scar tissue there was from her crotch area to the middle of her belly. In the process, Mikeal also lost her belly button.

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