Dietitians-approved Weight Loss Dietary Supplements

Eggs are an exceptional source of energy and protein.

1. Eggs

They will keep you satiated for hours and can also help you build or maintain muscle mass.


Oatmeal is highly recommended for breakfast because it has a low glycemic index and provides an excellent energy boost to start the day.

2. Oats

They are also high in fiber, so if you combine them with vegetables and nuts, you will be satiated until lunchtime.


In addition to providing energy from caffeine, coffee contains numerous nutrients and antioxidants that keep your digestion healthy.

3. Coffee

Increase your metabolism, and may prevent appetite by lowering ghrelin (the hunger hormone) levels.


Due to its isoflavones and high fiber content, studies on both animals and humans have shown that consuming soy protein can help reduce body weight and adipose mass.

4. Soy proteins

Be aware that not all soy products are high in fiber; you should only consume soy proteins made with the whole legume.

Soy proteins

Rich in protein and isoflavones, tofu is lower in calories than animal proteins and will keep you feeling just as satiated.

5. Tofu

Peaches aid in weight loss because they contain metabolism-boosting flavonoids such as catechins.

6. Peaches

Additionally, they are low in calories and high in satisfying fiber.


Dietitians-approved Foods For Weight Reduction