Foods For Weight Loss, Approved By Dietitians

This high-fiber fruit is an excellent source of pectin, which works to delay gastric emptying.

1. Apples

Allowing you to feel full for an extended period of time.


Bananas are an excellent source of tryptophan and fiber, both of which suppress appetite.

2. Banana

In addition, they are an excellent source of potassium, which helps prevent fluid retention, thereby reducing puffiness.


If you're not drinking enough water because you dislike its taste, try adding a sprinkle of lemon.

3. Lemon juice

This not only aids digestion, but also imparts a revitalizing flavor to your water, which may encourage you to consume more of it.

Lemon juice

In addition to being beneficial for cardiac health, peanuts regulate blood sugar levels and prolong satiety.

4. Peanuts

Obviously, remember to consume them in moderation due to their high calorie content.


Peas, legumes, and lentils are an excellent source of appetite-regulating substances such as protein, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and vitamin B.

5. Legumes

Brown rice has a lower glycemic index than white rice, so it is more difficult to digest and keeps you feeling full longer.

6. Brown rice

Additionally, it contains more fiber, which is beneficial for digestion and will help keep you regular.

Brown rice

The avocado's high fiber content reduces appetite by stimulating the brain's sense of satiety.

7. Avocado

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