Foods That Are High In Saturated Fat

In addition to being high in sodium, bacon also contains a high amount of saturated fat.

1. Bacon

In fact, forty percent of the fat in bacon is saturated. It's also tasty, so we're not suggesting you never consume bacon.


Although saturated lipids are commonly associated with animal products, baked delicacies can also contain them.

2. Baked goods

This is due to the large quantities of butter and oil used, particularly in store-bought desserts that use extra butter and oil to retain moisture and prolong shelf life.

Baked goods

Beef is a well-known source of saturated fat, although the precise quantity varies depending on the type and cut.

3. Beef

A leaner variety, such as top-round steak, contains approximately 1 gram of saturated fat per ounce, whereas a ribeye can contain three times as much.


As mentioned previously, butter is loaded with saturated fat.

4. Butter

Even if you just spread it on bread, a tablespoon of butter still contains more than 7 grams.


The amount of saturated fat in cheese can differ greatly depending on the type, but in general, the majority of cheeses contain a high quantity.

5. Cheese

A 100-gram (or 3.5-ounce) serving of mascarpone conceals a maximum of 29 grams of saturated fat.


Every type of chocolate contains cocoa butter, which contains saturated fat.

5. Chocolate

Therefore, all varieties of chocolate—dark, milk, and white—contain high levels of saturated fat.


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