Fruits to avoid if you're dieting 

Coconut meat, or the flesh, is white in color and consists of a soft texture, which may become a huge problem in gaining body weight despite the fact that coconut water is regarded important for health.

1. Coconut Flesh

 Figs aid with weight gain because of their high fiber content, and the fructose in this fruit raises blood sugar and cholesterol.

2. Figs

A serving of mango, around three to four cups after slicing, used to have 202 to 336 calories. Mangoes and other tropical fruits are the worst for dieting.

3. Mango

These are additional sweet and tasty fruits, but their high sugar content makes them a popular dietary choice but a significant obstacle to dieters on a weight-loss mission.

4. Grapes

Dry fruits, such as prunes, dates, apricots, raisins, etc., have more calories than their wet counterparts since they contain less water.

5. Dry Fruits

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