Hormones That Cause Belly Fat

1. Leptin

Leptin is the “anti-starvation hormone”. It regulates several metabolic pathways that aid fat reduction. Your fat cells produce leptin. Less body fat means less leptin.


Leptin levels drop naturally when you eliminate calories. Your metabolism will stall if your leptin levels dip too low.

 2. Insulin

Your pancreas produces insulin to carry nutrients from meals to cells. Insulin slows fat loss too. Slowing fatty acid mobilization from fat cells achieves this.


This is one of the key reasons to reduce sugar and processed carbs. Insulin resistance prevents your body from using insulin effectively.

3. Ghrelin

Ghrelin is the “hunger hormone.” Your body releases ghrelin when you eat, making you hungry. Stress causes your stomach to release ghrelin.


To lose weight, you must reduce calories, but too much will elevate your ghrelin levels.

4. Cortisol

Cortisol is the “stress hormone”. Cortisol is released during mental or physical stress. If you can't lose lower abdominal fat, you may have persistently high cortisol.


Cortisol can also cause abdominal obesity by destroying muscle. Cortisol delivers amino acids when protein levels drop.

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