Maralee Nichols Shares New Photo With Son Theo After Tristan Thompson Pays Tribute to Son Tatum

After Tristan Thompson lavished praise on his and Khloe Kardashian's youngest kid, Tatum, Maralee Nichols gave fans another insight into her life with son Theo.

Maralee shared a photo of herself embracing Theo, then 19 months old, on her Instagram Stories on July 29.

She had filed a paternity suit against the NBA player in Los Angeles in December 2021, when she and the surrogate who had delivered his kid with the Good American entrepreneur were both pregnant.

In honor of his first birthday, Tristan shared photographs of his fourth kid, Tatum, on Instagram for the first time the day before.

Tristan elaborated, saying, "The slip-ups along the road are lessons, not setbacks. 

Reinventing oneself has no shelf life. Tatum, your kind spirit makes me think of God's mercy. I am honored to be your daddy because you are a prince of the future.

Tristan's post was met with backlash once the paternity news broke. "Dude are you really not gonna acknowledge your other baby?," said one commenter.

Tristan pays child support for Theo, but he has never posted an online homage to him. 

Instead, he has periodically uploaded photos of True Thompson, 5, and Prince Jackson, 6, his children with Khloe and ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig. The sportsman has remained silent in the face of criticism about his birthday message to Tatum.

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