Meals That Melt Belly Fat

1. Breakfast burritos

Choose whole grains, beans, and gas-producing veggies to reduce bloating and belly fat. Eat small portions throughout the day rather than large meals.

 2. Coconut shrimp

Coconut is inherently sweet, so it satisfies a sweet tooth without sugar. Throw in some prawns for nutrients and boost the immune system.

3. Celery with dip

Celery may provide crunch, especially with a good dip. This dip is high in vitamin D, which helps bones and teeth.

4. Smoothies

A  smoothie with hydrating vegetables is "easier to digest than a salad." A puréed vegetable soup works too. If you want rapid benefits, eat "digested," puréed meals.

5. Greek yogurt parfaits

Greek yogurt is one of the finest meals for a flat tummy, but check the ingredient list for extra sugars and toxins. Greek yogurt is one of the best probiotic foods. 

6. Breakfast with eggs

Eggs for breakfast start the day correctly! It improves health and helps you have a flat belly. "Eggs are great for weight loss because their fat and protein combination promotes satiety and lowers ghrelin levels."

7. Oatmeal with berries

Whole grain oatmeal with fresh berries, nuts, and seeds for high-fiber breakfast. Fibrous foods like oatmeal are helpful for your digestion.

8. Peanut butter with apples

Apples are a fiber-rich fruit that aids digestion and metabolism, keeping your tummy flat. Fiber-rich foods help you eat less and lose belly fat over time.

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