NFL: Allen Lazard Absolutely Rips Head Coach

This offseason, NFL player Allen Lazard accepted a contract that will drastically alter his life.  

Midway through March, Lazard inked a $44 million, four-year contract with the New York Jets, with $22 million of that sum guaranteed.  It will be an adjustment to move from the Packers to the Jets, both on and off the field.  

A big factor in his choice was the presence of new offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, but the arrival of four-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the Jets also played a part.  

Denver Broncos new head coach Sean Payton criticized Nathaniel Hackett last week. Last year, Hackett coached the Denver Broncos, a position Payton deemed "one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL.

Also, Payton said he would be "doing the opposite" of what Hackett accomplished as Denver's head coach.  For three seasons in Green Bay, Allen Lazard was Hackett's teammate. 

When Hackett, Rodgers, and Lazard all played for the Green Bay Packers, they were quite successful.  That featured a streak of 13 wins across two seasons.

After Sean Payton spoke some fairly harsh things about Nathaniel Hackett, Wisconsin Sports Heroics' Robin Adams brought attention to Aaron Rodgers' response.

Those were quite unexpected remarks. The idea that a coach would act that way toward another. My feelings for Hack are intense.

He's a wonderful husband and father. And he is, hands down, the best coach I've ever had in the NFL from a practical standpoint

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