Sheila Oliver, New Jersey’s Trailblazing Lieutenant Governor, Has Died

After being transported to the hospital the day before, New Jersey's lieutenant governor and the state's first Black woman to occupy a statewide political position, Sheila Y. Oliver, passed away on Tuesday. In age, she was 71.

After more than 15 years in the state legislature, Ms. Oliver, a Democrat and lifelong resident of East Orange, N.J., was chosen lieutenant governor in 2017 as the running partner of Gov. Philip D. Murphy. 

She became the helm of the all-male State Assembly in 2010, making history as the first Black woman to do so.

Since Governor Murphy and his family went for a vacation in Italy over the weekend, Lt. Governor Oliver has been in charge of New Jersey in his absence.

However, state officials said she was transported to the hospital on Monday morning, and as a result, Senate President Nick Scutari assumed control according to the State Constitution. 

 A spokesperson confirmed that Mr. Murphy plans to return to New Jersey in the coming days.

In a statement published on Tuesday, Ms. Oliver's family reflected on her life, saying that she will be remembered for her "tireless efforts to uplift the community." They didn't say what killed the person.

They said things like, "We will remember her commitment to the people of New Jersey," which I take to mean something like. To those who knew her, may her memory be a source of solace and strength.

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