Taylor Swift Gives $55 Million In Bonuses To Her Eras Tour Crew

Before her last shows in the United States, Taylor Swift is said to have given big bonuses to dancers, chefs, truck drivers, and other crew members on her sold-out Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift has been busy filling in the blanks on the paychecks of her crew.

Multiple stories say that as she wraps up her Eras Tour in the U.S., the pop star gave huge bonuses to everyone who helped make it a success.

Including dancers, riggers, sound technicians, caterers, and other production staff. 

TMZ says that Swift gave each truck driver an extra $100,000 as a "end of the tour" bonus. This was a huge $5 million gift to the department.

But that's only nine percent of how much Swift spent on bonuses overall.

According to People, she paid out more than $55 million to give her team a raise.

The singer's 44-song opening show included hits from her 2022 album Midnights as well as songs from her first 10 decades of work.

Since then, Swift has released a re-recorded version of her 2010 album Speak Now and added tour stops in Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Poland, Austria, and other places.

During her latest tour, there have been a lot of famous people in the crowd and onstage. On July 7, Swift reunited with ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, who was in her "I Can See You" music video.

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