Taylor Swift's Longtime Truck Driver Reacts To "Life-changing" $100,000 Bonuses

After it was said that Taylor Swift gave $55 million in bonuses to people who worked on her Eras tour, a truck driver who has helped the "Anti-Hero" singer move equipment for several of her shows.

Reports say that Taylor Swift recently gave $55 million in bonuses to the people who worked on her Eras tour. 

For example, truck drivers who moved tools from city to city got $100,000.

Mike Scherkenbach, who runs the event transportation company Shomotion and has worked on three of Swift's stadium tours, recently said that the gesture is nothing short of charming.

Scherkenbach told Rolling Stone in an August 3 story, "She's giving them a sum of money that will change their lives.

Many of these drivers don't own their own homes, and a lump sum like this lets you put down money on a home. 

This is what really makes me happy. This kind act changes everything for these people."

USA Today says that both Shomotion and another company, Upstaging Inc., are in charge of moving Taylor Swift's gear, which includes parts of the stage, lights, guitars, mics, and speakers.

Scherkenbach also praised the pop star's kindness, pointing out that the bonus is 10 times the usual amount and has never been done before. 

There are a lot of very wealthy people who choose not to share a dime of it," he said. "We work with all kinds of rich people, but this is not the norm."

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