The Most Effective Fat-Burning Exercises

This motion, like the inchworm, starts or ends your workout. This plank version works the core and deltoids with shoulder extension.

1. Superman Plank

Step out from your push-up stance with your hands past your shoulders. This will make you arch your spine, helping your core stay tighter than a plank.

 Superman Plank

If you're not experiencing weight, check height for squats. This powerful activity gets the heart rate up and works the quadriceps, glutes, and calves.

2. Jump Squat

Start in a low squat and power up by transferring weight from heels to toes. Finish low back into the squat posture and tense the quadriceps to brace the knees for contact.

Jump Squat

Mountain climbers are a great way to work your core and cardio. Keep your posture straight to maximize mountain climbing.

3. Mountain Climbers

Plank stance is equally crucial as knee drive—you're tightening your core and glutes while pounding with your legs.

Mountain Climbers

Easy  way to build strength, agility, and athleticism while burning fat is crawls. Your complete body is involved, making the actions efficient.

4. Crawls

Crawls only work with a safe, neutral spine. For maximum effect, brace your core and move with purpose—a bear crawl should never be a mindless gallup for speed.


Battle ropes are notorious for their high-intensity exercises. The workouts use your full body to swing, smash, and shake the objects while crouching, lunging, and jumping, raising your heart rate and burning fat.

5. Battle Ropes

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