YouTuber Who Spent $14,000 to Become Dog Takes First Public Walk

A YouTuber named Toco who lives in Tokyo spent more than $14,000 on an outfit that was made to make him look like a collie. 

Now, on Toco's first walk outside (posted on July 21, but he said it was shot last year when he was interviewed by German TV station RTL), he can be seen doing tricks like rolling over and waving at people, as well as doing dog tricks like rolling over. 

And real dogs are really puzzled. In the movie, you can see real four-legged animals coming up to Toco and then running away quickly.

And, as you might expect, the YouTube video comments were full of people who, like the dogs, were trying to figure out what was going on.

In fact, he has wanted this since he was a child. "I think it was a desire to change," he told The Daily Mail at the time. "I've thought about it ever since I can remember."

Do you remember the thoughts you had as a child? He went on, "You want to be a hero or a wizard.

In my elementary school graduation book, I wrote that I wanted to be a dog and walk around outside.

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